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NWA Florida Tag Team Title History

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compiled by "Wrestling Title Histories:
4th ed." by Royal Duncan and Gary Will as well as Earl Oliver, Scott
Teal, Hisaharu Tanabe and Brian Westcott.

1.Medics (Billy Garrett and Jim Starr) 12/10/68-Tampa, FL
*Defeat Jose Lothario and Wahoo McDaniel in final of 7-team tournament
to become first champions
Vacated on January 21, 1969 after a controversial victory by Jack Brisco
and Nick Kozal over the Medics in Tampa, FL.
2.Medics [2] 01/28/69-Tampa, FL
*Win tournament
*Title held up after a match against Bobby Fields and Lee Fields on
February 18,1969 in Tampa, FL.
3.Medics [3] 02/15/69-Tampa, FL
*Defeat Bobby and Lee Fields in rematch.
4.Lester Welch and The Gladiator 04/29/69-Tampa, FL
5.Hiro Matsuda and Missouri Mauler 05/27/69-Tampa, FL
6.Ciclon Negro and Jack Brisco 07/22/69-Tampa, FL
7.Hiro Matsuda and Missouri Mauler [2] 08/05/69-Tampa, FL
8.Ciclon Negro and Sam Steamboat 09/03/69-Miami, FL
9.Bronko Lubich and Chris Markoff 10/25/69-Tampa, FL
10.Missouri Mauler and Dale Lewis 03/14/70-Tampa, FL
11.Jose Lothario and Argentina Apollo 04/20/70-Orlando, FL
12.Outlaws (Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdock) 09/17/70-Jacksonville, FL
Stripped in 12/70.
13.Jose Lothario and Danny Miller 12/25/70-Tampa, FL
*Defeat Infernos in tournament final.
14.Infernos 01/04/71-Orlando, FL
15.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco 02/16/71-Tampa, FL
16.Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk 03/30/71-Tampa, FL
17.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [2] 04/13/71-Tampa, FL
*Vacant in 1971 when Jerry Brisco injured.
18.Ron Garvin and Ole Anderson 07/02/71-Jacksonville, FL
*Win tournament.
19.Australians (Larry O'Day and Ron Miller) 08/05/71-Jacksonville, FL
20.Dick Murdoch and Bobby Duncum 10/21/71-Tampa, FL
21.Australians [2] 11/71-Miami, FL
22.Alaskans (Mike York and Frank Monte) 12/08/71-Miami, FL
23.Australians [3] 12/71-Miami, FL
24.Infernos (Frankie Cain and Rocky Smith) 01/10/72-W. Palm Beach, FL
25.Australians [4] 02/15/72-Tampa, FL
26.Bobby Shane and Bearcat Wright 03/09/72-Tampa, FL
27.Boris Malenko and Bob Roop 05/09/72-Tampa, FL
28.Mike Webster and The Professional (Doug Gilbert) 05/31/72-Miami, FL
29.Boris Malenko and Johnny Walker 06/24/72-Jacksonville, FL
30.The Zodiac (Bob Orton) and Taurus (Dennis Hall) 06/29/72-Jacksonville, FL
31.Hiro Matsuda and Tim Woods 07/05/72-Miami, FL
32.Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens 07/20/72-Tampa, FL
33.Hiro Matsuda and Bob Orton 08/15/72-Tampa, FL
*Vacant on September 5, 1972 when Orton defeats Matsuda to win both tag
team belts, but the NWA rules the title vacant
First tournament ended with Jimmy Golden and Robert Fuller wrestling to
a draw with Redbeard and Mike Webster on September 12, 1972 in Tampa,
34.Jimmy Golden and Ron Fuller 09/19/72-Tampa, FL
*Defeat Paul Jones and Dick Murdoch in final of the second tournament.
35.Norvell Austin and Sputnik Monroe 10/10/72-Tampa, FL
36.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [3] 11/16/73-Tampa, FL
37.Bobby Shane and Chris Markoff 12/27/73-Miami, FL
38.Tim Woods and Big Bad John 01/17/73-Miami, FL
39.Bobby Shane and Gorgeous George Jr. 02/13/73-Tampa, FL
40.Mike Graham and Kevin Sullivan 02/20/73-Tampa, FL
41.Samoans (Afa and Sika) 06/01/73-St. Petersburg, FL
*Defeat Eddie Graham and Mike Graham.
42.Mike Graham and Kevin Sullivan [2] 07/31/73-Tampa, FL
43.Dick Slater and Dusty Rhodes 1973
44.Jos LeDuc and Paul LeDuc 12/73
[Records unclear]
45.Hollywood Blonds: Jerry Brown & Buddy Roberts 1974
[Records unclear]
46.Dick Slater and Toru Tanaka 10/74
47.Domenic DeNucci & Tony Parisi 01/75
48.Dick Slater and Johnny Weaver 02/75
49.Harley Race and Roger Kirby 04/16/75-Miami, FL
Vacated in 1975.
50.Harley Race and Bob Roop 06/14/75-St. Petersburg, FL
[Records unclear]
51.Harley Race and Roger Kirby [2] 1975
52.Ciclon Negro and Omar Negro (Omar Atlas) 10/75
[Records unclear]
53.Mike Graham and Kevin Sullivan [3] 1975
[Records unclear]
54.Dusty Rhodes and Blackjack Mulligan 1975
55.Roger Kirby and Rip Hawk 12/75
[Records unclear]
56.Roger Kirby and J.J. Dillon 1975
57.Ciclon Negro and Omar Negro (Omar Atlas) [2] 1975
58.Roger Kirby and Rip Hawk [2] 02/76
59.Eddie Graham and Mike Graham 1976
60.Bob Orton Sr. and Bob Orton Jr. 04/76
61.Bob Orton Jr. and Bob Roop 04/76
62.Steve Keirn and Bob Backlund 1976
63.Hollywood Blonds (Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts) [2] 10/76
64.Mike Graham and Ken Lucas 1976
65.Bob Orton Jr. and Bob Roop [2] 1976
66.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [4] 01/77
67."Superstar" Billy Graham and Ox Baker 1977
68.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [5] 06/77
69.Ivan Koloff and Pat Patterson 07/77
70.Rocky Johnson and Pedro Morales 1977
71.Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito (Masa Saito) 1977
72.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn 1977
73.Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito [2] 1977
74.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [2] 1977
Vacated in 1977.
75.Ivan Koloff and Mr. Saito [3] 12/06/77-Tampa, FL
*Win tournament.
76.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [6] 01/25/78-Miami, FL
77.Mr. Saito and Mr. Sato (Kabuki/Akihisa Takachiho) 03/78
78.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [7] 06/13/78-Miami, FL
79.Spoilers (Don Jardine and Bobby Duncum) 06/27/78-Tampa, FL
80.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [3] 08/12/78-St. Petersburg, FL
81.Mr. Saito and Mr. Sato [2] 1978
82.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [4] 09/23/78-Lakeland, FL
83.Pak Song and Eric the Red 10/14/78
84.Pak Song and Mr. Uganda (Ciclon Negro) 11/10/78
Eric the Red is killed.
85.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [5] 02/79
86.Bugsy McGraw and Thor the Viking (Scott Irwin) 1979
87.Jimmy Garvin and Steve Keirn 07/79
88.Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada 08/25/79-St. Petersburg, FL
89.Ray Stevens and Mike Graham 10/09/79-Tampa, FL
90. Stanley Lane and Bryan St. John 10/30/79-Tampa, FL
*Defeat Stevens and Eddie Graham; declared Vacant on 11/06/79 after a
match against Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada in Tampa, FL.
91.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [6] 11/79
*Defeat Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada.
92.Stanley Lane and Bryan St. John [2] 11/25/79-St. Petersburg, FL
93.Jack Brisco and Jim Garvin 03/10/80-W. Palm Beach, FL
94.Stanley Lane and Bryan St. John [3] 06/80
95.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [8] 1980
96.Ivan Koloff and Nikolai Volkoff 08/07/80-Jacksonville, FL
97.Dusty Rhodes and Bobo Brazil 08/80
Vacated in 1980.
98.Barry Windham and Scott McGhee 10/18/80-St. Petersburg, FL
*Defeat Assassins in tournament final.
99.Cowboy Connection (Bobby Jaggers and R.T. Tyler) 12/02/80
100.Barry Windham and Mike Graham 01/02/81-Orlando, FL
101.Cowboy Connection [2] 01/81-Tampa, FL
102.Dusty Rhodes and Andre the Giant 02/15/81-Ft. Launderdale, FL
*Vacated in 1981; title inactive.
103.New Breed (Sean Royal and Chris Champion) 12/25/86-Tampa, FL
*Defeat Kendall Windham and Vic Steamboat.
104.Southern Boys (Steve Armstrong and Tracy Smothers) 02/21/87-Sarasota, FL
105.MOD Squad (Basher and Spike) 03/15/87-Daytona Beach, FL
106.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [7] 04/17/87-Daytona Beach, FL
107.Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) 06/23/87-Tampa, FL
108.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [8] 08/29/87-St. Petersburg, FL
109.Mighty Yankees (Bob Cook and Jerry Grey) 09/08/87-Tampa, FL
110.Mike Graham and Steve Keirn [9] 10/17/87-Lakeland, FL
Title abandoned in November 1987
111.Johnny Ace & The Terminator 09/20/88-Tampa, FL
112.Nasty Boys (Brian Knobs & Jerry Sags) 01/05/89-Nassau, BAHAMAS
113.Johnny Ace & The Terminator [2] 01/26/89-Tampa, FL
114.Nasty Boys [2] 03/24/89-St. Petersburg, FL
115.Southern Force (Black Bart & Bobby Jaggers) 03/28/89-Tampa, FL
116.Mike Graham & Dustin Rhodes 05/09/89-Tampa, FL
117.Southern Force (Black Bart & Tony Anthony) 05/89-Tampa, FL
118.Nasty Boys [3] 06/11/89-Orlando, FL
119.Playboys (Brett Sawyer & Jimmy Backlund) 07/89 * Awarded.
120.Nasty Boys [4] 08/22/89-Tampa, FL
121.Jumbo Baretta & Dennis Knight 10/17/89-Tampa, FL
122.Mark Starr & Lou Perez 11/12/89-Tampa, FL
123.Bounty Hunters 11/16/89-Tampa, FL
* Defeat Perez & Brickhouse Brown.
124.Nasty Boys [5] 01/06/90-Nassau, BAHAMAS
* Defeat Bounty Hunter & The Terminator.
125.Robert Fuller & Kendall Windham 04/12/90-Tampa, FL
* Defeat Brian Knobs & Hurricane Walker.
126.Mike Graham & John Gomez 05/08/90-Tampa, FL
* Vacant in 1990 when Graham retires.
127.Sgt. Rock & Mark Starr 09/13/90-Tampa, FL
* Defeat Joe Gomez & Hurricane Walker.
128.Hurricane Walker & Tim Parker 1990
129.Sgt. Rock & Ron Slinker 11/12/90
* Abandoned.
Title revived by NWA Florida in 1997
130.Blackhearts 1997
131.Brian Blair and Steve Keirn 11/13/98-Gainesville, FL
*Defeat Cuban Assassin + Pepe Prado for vacant title.
*Title held up after a match between champions Steve Keirn & B. Brian
Blair and The Bushwhackers, 08/15/2000, Tampa, FL.
132.B Brian Blair and Cyborg 11/14/2000-Tampa, FL
Blair defeated Steve Keirn for the held up titles and then named Cyborg
as his partner.
TITLE VACANT 07/10/2001
*NWA President Howard Brody orders that B. Brian Blair and Cyborg had to
surrender the NWA Florida Tag Team Belts at the NWA Florida Card on July
10 because they could not defend them due to injuries
133.The Shane Twins 07/10/2001-Tampa, FL
*Defeat The New Heavenly Bodies and The Market Crashers in a Three Way
match to win the vacant title.
The Shane Twins also held the following titles in conjunction with the
NWA Florida tag Team Titles
The IPW Tag Team Titles won on 04/21/2001 in St. Petersburg, FL
134.Quickiemart and Mark Zout 12/08/2001-St. Petersburg, FL
*Win both titles
135.Wrongful Death (Naphtali and Dagon Briggs) 02/08/2002-St. Petersburg, FL
*Defeat Quickie Mart and Christian York & Joey Matthews in a Three Way
match for both titles
136.The Softcore Connection: Nick Berk and Z-Barr 03/29/2002-St. Petersburg, FL
*Win both titles.
Florida WrestlePlex 

137.Wrongful Death (Naphtali and Dagon Briggs) [2]
03/30/2002-Crystal River, FL
*Defeat Nick Berk & Z-Barr and Deranged & Insane Dragon
*Win both titles. Crystal River National Guard Armory
138. The Shane Twins[2] w/Ron Niemi defeat Wrongful Death 5/25/02-St. Petersburg, FL

138. Scoot Andrews and Mike Sullivan Unify the NWA FL & IPW Tag Team Titles by defeating the Shane Twins on 09/20/2002

140. NWA FLORIDA SPLITS into two separate brands on 12-02-02 , NWA Championship Wrestling From Florida remains as classic southern style wrestling. NWA Florida moves on to it's more extreme format.  On this date NWA Championship Wrestling From Florida will not recognize NWA Florida Brand current champions. On March 15th Donnie and Bobby York became the new renamed South Atlantic Tag Team Champions in a Final Four Way match.

York Brothers stripped for non defense

141. August 28th Orlando Florida The Unholy Alliance ( Talon and Tower ) pins Hot Rodz and The Grappler to become the SA Tag Team champions.

143. Unholy Alliance Stripped of Tag Titles for failure to defend.

144. May 28th, 2005  Orlando, Florida - Time limit draw between Roadblock Rex/Bobby Bonecrusher VS Rico Moon/Rouge.

145. April 8th, 2006  Orlando, Florida - In what was supposed to be a rematch from last May, Roadblock Rex/Bobby Bonecrusher defeat the team of Rouge/Nooie Lee to become the SACW Tag Champions. Nooie Lee replaced Rico Moon due to his absence.

146. July 29th, 2006  Orlando, Florida - After the surprise retirement of Roadblock Rex, Bobby Bonecrusher successfully defends the Tag Team Titles with help from stand-in John Stone. However, Bonecrusher relinquishes the Tag Titles in order to get a shot at the SACW Heavyweight title. He feels that Roadblock's retirement should mark the end of the BME. He will continue on in singles competition. A tournament will start at the October SACW show to fill the vacant SACW Tag Team Titles.

147. October 21st, 2006  Orlando, Florida - Tag Team Tournament begins. SWAT Patrol defeats Joe Woods/Rev. Dodge Griffin to advance. Stormy Granzig/Pretty Boy Lloyd defeats Seminole Assassin/John Stone to advance. Next round takes place on January 27th, New Year's Nitro

148. January 27th, 2007  Orlando, Florida - Tag Team Tournament 2nd Round Results: SWAT Patrol defeats Talon/TJ James to advance to finals. Pretty Boy Lloyd defeats Krazy Kanadian/Bonez The Cutthroat in a handicap match due to Stormy Granzig injuries. He will advances to the finals. Partner in question for the finals!

149. April 21st, 2007  Orlando, Florida - Tag Team Tournament Finals      Pretty Boy Lloyd/Bonez The Cutthroat defeat SWAT Patrol to become the new NWA South Atlantic Tag Team Champions

150. August 18th, 2007  Orlando, Florida - Rico Moon/Manson defeat Bonez/Diamond Dog to become the new Tag Team Champions after Pretty Boy Lloyd fails to show. Diamond Dog steps in to help Bonez but is pinned. Bonez protests but the win is upheld by SACW Commissioner Lee Douglas.

151. November 10th, 2007  Orlando, FL - Rico Moon/Manson successfully defend the titles agains the Mohawk Mafia.

152. May 10th, 2008  Orlando, FL - Manson/Black Knight are defeated by the Casanova Cartel who become the new SACW Tag Team Champions.

153. November 15th, 2008  Orlando, FL - SWAT Patrol defeats Casanova Cartel to become new Champions.