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 Mid Florida Champion/ South Atlantic TV

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1. This title was commissioned on 1-02-03 and a tournament was held on 1-25-03 with the finals being Big Bad John pinning Magnum Steele to become the first champion.

2. Big Bad John was stripped of the belt due to three no shows on a title match and the non title defense rule was placed into effect. Magnum was upset that Big John did not show up for his title match so he was successful in his petition to the board to allow the match. The NWA CWFL championship committee gave Magnum Steele and the Outlaw Joe Woods the chance to face each other for the Mid Florida title. Magnum pinned Joe Woods after 18 minutes 42 seconds.

3.March 6th, 2004

Rouge pinned Magnum Steele

4. August 28th Orlando National Guard Armory Tommy Marr and rouge were put against each other to crown a new revived NWA Florida Television champion. During spit of NWA CWFL this belt is now the NWA South Atlantic Television Title

Ray Stevens		56/11/21  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Harry Smith to become the first champion.

Tarzan Tyler		70/10/29  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Jack Brisco in tournament final.
Jack Brisco		70/11/27  Tampa, FL
Tarzan Tyler [2]	71/01/19  Tampa, FL
  * Best-of-3 falls match, for Tyler's Florida title,
    with Brisco's TV title on the line for the first
    fall only; Brisco comes back to win the second and
    third falls to take the Florida title; vacant in
    71/03 when Tyler suspended for deliberately being
    disqualifed in a match against Bob Roop.
The Texan/Terry Funk	71/03/18  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Buddy Austin in tournament final as masked
    Texan and unmasks after the match.
Jack Brisco [2]		71/04/20  Tampa, FL
Ole Anderson		71/12/16  Tampa, FL
Bob Roop		71/12/23  Tampa, FL
Bobby Shane		72/01/04  Tampa, FL
  * Vacant on 72/03/02 when Shane refues to wrestle
    on television.
Paul Jones		72/04/18  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Johnny Walker in tournament final; vacant
    in 72/09 when Jones retires the title, placing his
    name on the trophy and presenting it to Jack Brisco,
    who destroys it.
Tim Woods		72/09/28  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Jack Brisco by default in tournament final.
Bobby Shane [2]		72/10/19  Tampa, FL
Jack Brisco [3]		72/11/07  Tampa, FL
Buddy Colt		73/07<
Paul Jones [2]
Great Mephisto		73/08/16  Jacksonville, FL
Dick Slater		73/11<
Mike Graham		73/12<
James J. Dillon		75/05
Rocky Johnson		75/07/31  Jacksonville, FL
Missouri Mauler
Tommy Seigler		76
The Assassin		76
Mike Graham [2]		77
Pat Patterson		77
Pedro Morales		77/09
Dick Slater [2]		78/04
Jerry Brisco		78
Bobby Duncum		78/08/30  Miami, FL
Dusty Rhodes		78
  * Vacate after winning World Heavyweight Title
    on 78/08/21.
Bugsy McGraw		78/09
Dusty Rhodes [2]	79/01<
Bugsy McGraw [2]	79/10<
Steve Keirn
Masa Saito		80/05/06  Tampa, FL
Barry Windham		80/07/26  St. Petersburg, FL
Super Destroyer		80
Barry Windham		80/09/03  Miami, FL
Bugsy McGraw *		80
Barry Windham *		80
Braon Von Raschke	80/11/26  Hollywood, FL
Manny Fernandez		81
Don Muraco		81/05<
El Gran Apollo		81/08<
Dory Funk Jr.		81/08
Tommy Gilbert		81
Eddie Masfield		81
Wahoo McDaniel		81
  * Vacant in 81.
Eric Embry		81/12/26  St. Petersburg, FL
  * Wins tournament.
Ray Stevens		82/01/16  St. Petersburg, FL
Sweet Brown Sugar	82/04<
David Von Erich		82/04/24
Dory Funk Jr. [2]
Tommy Gilbert [2]
  * Vacant; inactive.
Lex Luger		86/03/12  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Jerry Grey in tournament final;
    abandoned in 87/02.

Tommy Marr		04/08/28  Orlando, FL
  * Defeats Rouge.
NWA CWFL Still has their own version of the revived Florida TV title. 
NWA South Atlantic renamed its title to the NWA South Atlantic TV title
NWA South Atlantic TV Title VACANT