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NWA Florida Women's Champion

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Special thanks to the Puroresu Dojo for the title history


Mae Young		51/10/15  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Cora Combs to become the first 
    champion; vacant in 52.
Ann LaVerne		52/03/10  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Betty Hawkins.
Betty Hawkins		52/07<	  Tampa, FL
Mars Bennett		53/02/09  Tampa, FL
Gloria Barattini	53/03/02  Tampa, FL
  * Defeats Bennett in the final of 6-woman battle royal.
Betty Hawkins [2]	53/09
Dot Dotson		53/10/12  Tampa, FL
Betty Hawkins [3]	53/11
  * Vacant.
Gloria Barattini [2]	55/03
  * Awarded; still champion as of 56/10.
June Byers		60/12<
Sherri Lee		69/08<
Ella Waldek		71/02
Bonnie Watson		71/06/19  St. Petersburg, FL
Destiny Devine won the match between her and Summer Rain on 6-14-2003 
to become the NWA Florida Ladies Champion