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NWA Championship Wrestling From Florida provided the exciting opening match of the evening. It was a NWA CWFL Jr Hvy Wt Championship Match considered the highlight of the Friday night, that would change NWA CWFL history. The match was between the reigning Champion, The Koolest Kat in Town C.B. Kool and the #1 contender, The Lone Star Kid Kevin Rhodes.

Things began as the Koolest Kat in Town, C.B. Kool made his way to ringside escorted by the most Divalicious manager Jade. The boos were almost deafening as C.B. Kool gave the West Virginia crowd an earful. “Shut up! You over weight, beer drinking, sister loving, cousin marrying, tobacco spitting hillbillies!” shouted the Kool one. Sounds of cat calls and wolf whistles could also be heard as the one woman fashion show, Jade gave them a joyous eyeful. Jade looked like a luxurious love letter waiting to be opened, wearing a smile that was both insolent and erotic, energetic and exciting. The sound of her voice as she greeted the fans was like music hitting all the right notes. As the entrance music stopped and the Kool one climbed into the ring the referee got a lecture by C.B. Kool on how to do a 3 count as he told the crowd that he has planned an easy victory.

Then the boos became chants of “Take His Belt! Take His Belt! ” as the legendary Texan, Kevin Rhodes made his way to ringside shaking hands and giving high fives to fans along the way. Jade, one of the most seductive divas to come along in many years gave Rhodes and intense look that lighted up the air with sensual anger as he made his way past her. Rhodes leapt up to the ring and did his famous back flip over the top rope into the ring. Rhodes then did a Mohammed Ali like cross step shuffle around the ring encircling C.B. Kool, taunting the champion. Rhodes was on a quest to superbly complex and bewilder the champ with his unique moves to take away the title belt that was resting on the waist of C.B. Kool.

Becoming the champ would be paradise for Rhodes but C.B. Kool planned to keep the title making it only a fantasy for the Texas native. The elegant Jade was definitely going to be a major distraction that could possibly lead to an easy victory for C.B. Kool to retain his title. Dressed as sensual and exotic as always her beauty was intoxicating, looking as pretty as if all the flowers on earth had come together making a stairway down from heaven leading her to the show that night. Even the referee was completely awed by her luminous appearance with her crisp white violet skin and silk like hair the color of a star magnolia heart.

For the champion, C.B. Kool it could be a night to establish himself as a champion worthy of the history books by beating a member of the legendary Rhodes wrestling family. For Rhodes, it could be a night to once again prove that he is a refined champion who has perfected his craft and earned his stardom from the glittering heritage that is the Rhodes family name sake. It was easy to see that Rhodes was ready to savor the sweet taste of victory.

As the two combatants collided in the center of the ring like bulls locking horns in a collar and elbow lock-up, the stronger Rhodes walked C.B. Kool back into the corner. Giving a clean break when the referee called for them to separate. They would lock-up again this time is was the speed of C.B. Kool rushing forward that leashed back to the fans and shooting his mouth off at the fans denying Rhodes a lock up once again.  Then the action picked up as they locked up and Rhodes took command with a neck breaking head lock. C.B. reverse it to a headlock of his own. Rhodes then went to a hammerlock, putting the pressure on the arm of the Kool one. C.B. then reached back and raked the eyes of the Texan to escape and shoot off his big mouth again. The dexterous Rhodes shook off the cobwebs and gave the Kool one two arm drags that nearly separated his arm from his body. The Texan waited for C.B. to get to his feet and then with a thunderous bang he hit C.B. with a dropkick that was right under the eye sockets.  C.B. being the ring wise man he is rolled out of the ring as Rhodes told him he tried to squash his eyes like two big Texas watermelons. 

As C.B. got back into the ring Rhodes throw some knees to the gut, then dragged him back in through the ropes. Rhodes was trying many of his unconventional submission moves and C.B. Kool seemed to have a bizarre way of escaping as it was being locked in showing a psychic’s premonition of what move Rhodes was trying to apply. It was clear that the champ had done his homework watching hours of Rhodes past matches on video tape, when it came to the technical ability of the #1 contender from Texas, C.B. Kool knew what to expect. The manager provocateur, Jade was shouting encouragement and directions to her man the champion, C.B. Kool. This red-hot little lady was proving to be a manager that encapsulates both beauty and brains as she lead C.B. Kool in this game of human chess.

Everyone in attendance was on their feet trying to get a better look at the sinister beating that C.B. Kool was beginning to give Rhodes. The destruction was taking its toll and it looked as if Rhodes was nearly unconscious from the horrid annihilation being handed out by C.B. Kool and conducted by Jade giving the commands like a conductor leading a symphony.  Emphasizing the confident sensuality of a sophisticated, modern diva, Jade was effortlessly classy as she blew a kiss to distract the referee who was too awestruck to perform the 3 count. It was the epitome of timing as Rhodes began a series of submission moves that flowed from arm to leg to neck bending the tormented C.B. Kool like origami with people. Then the extreme technical moves of the accomplished Rhodes collided with the superior tactics of the champ as he began a series of entirely unforgiving cheap shots and low blows that had the crowd wincing in horror at the sound of the blows as they hit Rhodes now glowing red flesh. Rhodes then when back to the basics, what he knew the best, submission fighting.  C.B. seen that the Texan coming at him in a stance were his hands are in front of him as if he was in the octagon. C.B. started to mock Rhodes doing the Karate Kid stance laughing. Rhodes moved in closer and threw some of the meanest left kicks that had never been seen in West Virginia. After three of those then a follow up with a standing left round kick to the side of C.B. Face he was finally on the mat. Rhodes thought that he would do a little comedy himself by tricking the Referee into the foot of C.B. while he snapped the leg back of the Kool one. C.B. then rolled out of the ring and begged Jade to rub it for him. To his amazement she told him he was not getting anything rubbed until he got in the ring and won the match.  CB. got back in the ring and raked the eyes of the Texan once more then did a body slam. CB went to top rope and did a picture perfect moon sault to only get a two count until Rhodes rolled him up in a small package only to get a two count of his own. Just then C.B. Kool was able to get his hand onto the bottom rope causing the referee to call for Rhodes to release the hold. Next, the collegiate wrestling background of Rhodes became a scholastic lesson for the champ as he became the victim of a rear double leg take down by Rhodes who then floated on the back of C.B. Kool slapping him and cross facing him like a wild animal mauling it’s prey before the kill. Then the match quickened in pace as the two men came to the standing position and began to accelerate as they ran the ropes looking for an opportunity to gain the advantage.

By this time the entire room was on it’s feet. Even the other wrestlers had come out of the back stage area into the walkway to see what all the cheering and screaming was about. The distinctive cheers of the crowd became louder and louder as Rhodes did the famous rope-a-dope followed by the head crushing phenomenon known as the Bionic Elbow to desecrate the head of C.B. Kool. Rhodes Irish whipped him in the ropes on the other side of the ring and did his famous Texas Twister sidewalk slam. Now, for the fourth time in the match, Rhodes attempted the pin. This time however, even the pure immaculate and magnetic beauty of the superstar Jade was not enough to distract the referee as he counted, ONE! TWO! THREE! And raised the right hand of Rhodes as the new NWA CWFL Junior Heavyweight Champion. As Rhodes stood in the ring holding the title belt above his head waiving to the crowd of cheering fans, C.B. Kool gave him some parting hand gestures as he headed back to the locker room area being comforted by Jade. But the Koolest Kat in Town is not done with Rhodes. He will face him again in a four way match for the Jr. Heavyweight Title November 15th in Ocoee, Florida along with NWA CWFL newcomer Rouge and former champion TALON. But will Rhodes recover in time to defend his title after such an abusive match? Will the dastardly C.B. Kool regain the title? Will former champion TALON pull off the win? Will the newcomer Rouge become a first time NWA CWFL champ? Or can the Lone Star Kid, Kevin Rhodes hang onto the belt and continue his reign as champion? Will the luxurious classic beauty of Jade with her dewy green eyes embodying the astonishingly magnetic warmth and distinctive elegance of a true diva continue to be a distraction at ringside? Be there November 15th to find out.