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Christmas Bash 2009


Steve Michaels welcomes everyone to the FINAL Christmas Party for SACW.  Commissioner Lee Douglas makes huge announcement stating that NWA South Atlantic is NO MORE!! He has full control of the promotion that will re-emerge in 2010 as New Generation Pro Wrestling!! Rico Moon new partner!! Bonecrusher stripped of Heavyweight Title and J&J Inc out of promotion!!! DJ Jeff arrives to party and protests vehemently. Lee Douglas states that there is a tentative show scheduled for sometime in March and a Heavyweight Title Tournament will be held to determine the first ever New Generation Pro Wrestling Champion!! In the meantime at today's party 3 matches are ordered!!

Match One: King Cobra VS Ramses  Winner - Ramses  Ramses makes  big debut for NGPW!!

 Match Two: Uncle Jed VS  TJ Time  Winner - TJ Time  Mr. Wrestling 2 accompanied Uncle Jed to the ring but turns on him to make a statement. DJ Jeff furious and challenges Mr. Wrestling 2 to a tag match at March show. It will be DJ Jeff/Uncle Jed VS Mr. Wrestling 2/TJ Time in a Bullrope Bunkhouse Match!! DJ Jeff promises that J&J Inc. is not finished yet! In defiance of Commissioner Douglas DJ Jeff and Uncle Jed attack Steve Michaels in the ring just to rile up the Commish!!

Match Three: SWAT Patrol VS The Bounty Hunters  DOUBLE COUNTOUT   This match ends up a brutal beating for all involved. Both teams outside the ring thrown onto cars, trees, fences and in the dirt!! This feud is surely one that will culminate at the March show!! The Bounty Hunters have made their mark and vow to win the Tag Team Titles!! SWAT Patrol are determined to retain those titles at whatever cost!!.


Bullet Points:

Commissioner Lee Douglas bans DJ Jeff and Uncle Jed from NGPW!! DJ Jeff issues challenge that Lee can't resist. Both DJ Jeff and Uncle Jed agree to wear dresses if they lose match against Mr. Wrestling2/TJ Time!! Lee agrees!!

New Generation Pro Wrestling will have huge inaugaral kickoff show sometime in March 2010!!

SWAT Patrol and The Bounty Hunters feud is only just beginning!!

Who will compete in the Heavyweight Title Tournament??

Is the end near for  DJ Jeff and J&J Inc. ??????